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Many stars, including Demi Moore and Madonna, use hair extensions to get the look they need in their latest video or film.

Clip in Hair extensions

Hair extensions that clip in allow you to easily change the length and thickness of your hair.

They can be fitted in a few minutes and are entirely safe for your hair. You do not need to use any glue, you simply clip them in.

You can buy hair extensions in an amazing range of colours, to match or to complement your existing colour. They are available in straight or curly styles - but given the subject matter of this website I would recommend the straight ones. You can also get real human hair (usually sourced from Asia and dyed to a predetermined colour) or instead opt for the synthetic variety.

Disadvantages of salon applied hair extensions

Advantages of clip in extensions

Balmain Hair Extensions

balmain hair extensionsBalmain also make clip in hair extensions from human hair. They are available in two lengths - 15cm and 30cm. Each packet comes with three lengths of hair in different but complementary colours. They are attached via special "micro" clips. These clips are strong and fix the extensions securely in place. The beauty of these extensions is that they can give you added volume. highlights and / or lowlights without permanently affecting your own hair.

They are available from just £22.99 for 3 double extensions from JustBeautifully.

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