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Diane Von Furstenberg

Not all fashionistas have straight hair. Diane Von Furstenberg's hair is usually of a more curly appearance. Strange....

Diane Von Furstenberg

News in Brief

December 2008

ghd purple gift setCheck out the brand new purple GHD gift set, available from Exclusive Brands. The purple is a beautiful gift set that contains a limited edition purple GHD IV hair iron, a GHD travel hair dryer, a heat resistant roll bag abd 2 clips. Everything is packaged in a lovely purple box.

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November 2007
Leona Lewis shows off her new straight hair do.

leona lewis straight hair

September 2007
GHD have brought out their latest pink hair straighteners, retailing at £134.99. They are available from Jason Shankey for delivery from September onwards. A donation of £10 will be made to Breakthrough Breast Cancer for every iron sold.

Travel Bag
GHD have introduced a travel bag that contains a GHD styler, a heat resistant iron pouch and a matching makeup bag. In addition, the bag contains a selection of Thermodynamics products and a DVD showing you how to get the best from your straightening iron.

May 2007 - No Link with Breast Cancer
No link has been found between chemicals used to relax hair and the incidence of breast cancer. An epidemiological study has been carried out using a sample of nearly 50,000 African-American women. It was found that there was no difference in the incidence of breast cancer in those women who used relaxers up to seven or more times per year over a twenty year period, and those who didn't.

The study came about because there is currently a higher incidence of breast cancer in African-American women aged under 40 than in their Caucasian counterparts, and hair relaxers are more frequently used by African-American women. However, there could be many other reasons for the difference in the incidence of breast cancer, eg diet, so further research is needed.