Chemical Home Hair Straightening Kits

If you would love to have permanently straight hair but don't really want to pay the expensive salon prices, then why not have a go with a home chemical straightening kit? You can now buy a Brazilian Kerating Straightening Home Blow-Dry DIY treatment - the complete kit - from

Brazilian Keratin Home Hair Straightening KitThe kit acts to tame your frizz and straighten your curls with results that last 10-12 weeks.

It is safe to use and formaldehyde free, and provides deep conditioning to your hair. It also comes with easy to follow instructions.

You apply this treatment at home - although it will be easier if you have a friend who can help you. You will need your own hair straightening irons which can heat up to 230°C.

The kit contains enough product for two complete treatments of short to medium length hair. With the correct after care, the effects last for up to 12 weeks. You do need to wash your hair with salt free shampoo to maintain the results, and you can find salt free shampoo here.

Does it really work?

Out of 84 reviews on, the average score was 4.5 out of 5, with 64 out of 84 reviewers giving the product a perfect 5 out of 5 score (data as at 6th January, 2012). Brazilian Home Hair Straightening Reviews.gif

What's in the kit?

Chemical home hair straightening BKST kit

The kit contains:

The advantages of the kit are numerous: first of all, look at the value. How can you go wrong at the price? In addition, you won't need to use your straighteners as much in the future, which will protect your hair. Once straightened, your hair will be resistant to humidity, so your hair will stay straight and beautiful even if you have to dash through the rain to catch the bus! Another advantage is that this kit actually leaves your hair stronger after you've used it. It contains proteins that restore the connective bonds in your hair, and leaves it stronger and in better condition than it was before you used it.

How do I use the kit, is it difficult?

Actually, the kit is quite simple to use.

Firstly, you need to shampoo your hair twice with clarifying shampoo, rinse well and towel dry.

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Home Hair Straightening Before and After Photos
Before straightening, curls and frizz are apparent After straightening - smooth and sleek.